New Semester, New Spirit

Semester College Schedule

Semester Update

Began on this month now I’m in 4th semester on my college. Yes, it’s been two years ago since I’ve been took my college again. The good news is my GPA’s on the 3rd semester is better than 2nd semester. Β Even tough I could get better because my laziness on last semester made the responsibility should I had. Thats the lesson that I should learned and make sure that it won’t happen anymore.

The Spirit

In this month I also began to have more activities than last months. Now I have a part time job at my campus where I took my college in IT Deparment. In this department I have responsibility to make sure that information systems on campus are running smoothly without problem, and also I’m going to work in establishment with banks payment. Right now I have two projects as a pilot project, and hopefully it will be finish in next month.

While I have my part time job today I still have to manage my time with my daily work as usual.


Finally I’m Online Again

After since weeks I never got online because there was internet problem at home, now I can get online using another alternative connection. It was happen since almost three weeks ago when internet connection disconnected. So I must find another alternative for me so I can get online. Maybe I’m already in internet addict or internet already become the part of my life. I could not do anything without connected to internet, my works are on the clouds.

Free-Hotspot :
I was tried to get online on a free hotspot some days ago but it wasn’t up sometimes so this place can be use as alternative place to get online. The connection quality was good enough but unfortunately it was located beside the mosque so not every people might want to be online around it’s area. But so lucky me cause I could breaking inside the router and the wifi access point so it seems like I can control it.

Final method :
Yet finally I decided to used HSDPA as my alternative connection. Using 3 (Three) GSM provider which have promotion Broadband Unlimited for 30 Days. Me using the 500 MB’s package. And for my personal use i think thats more than enough. Even tough I must hold my desire to do any files that I’d like to downloads or update.
So far the connection is quite stable, I used my Nokia N82 phone as modem and switch my primary GSM number to my second phone. I hope the connection will be stable till next weeks till I’m switched back to cable connection.

The first thing I did was listening to my streaming, so far this HSDPA could handled this. And then login to remote office, it’s quite stable. Yeeah!!

Right now still have a lot of things to do with the tasks, the work task and also the college task. Time is running so Go Amy Go….!!!

Amazing February

Placebo Concert Poster

Placebo Concert Poster

Well the February are almost end, however I just going to write what happen in February was. There were a lot of things happen in this Feb. Some of event that happen in this Feb, I was back home for the new Mom’s home in my hometown. The new location now is not as crowded as in Mom’s old home because the location not in front of crowded road. But if we want to go shopping to the mini market or store we need to use bicycle or motorcycle. But it’s okay πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I wasn’t enjoyed my spent time at home because I was sick when I arrived at home in the next days.
Another big moments that happens in this Feb are, I was attending Placebo’s concert!!! It was freaking amazing concert I ever seen and saw live! I already uploaded all vids I recorded at my youtube channel. I’m still can feel the adrenaline of the concert till today, especially when I watch my own vids or listening their musics πŸ˜€
One of big deals is to finished all my tasks this month as I can!!! That’s my primary focused in the moment. Will see….

Currently listening Connie Talbot songs,….

Justifying someone

Some people or maybe common people just judge a people from the first meet someone.
Some peoples said that I’m never got anger by someone or always got a nice thing from everyone. Hehe… Sometimes I laughed to myself, is that me that kind of that guy? Thanks God if it’s right πŸ™‚
But it’s not nobody knows about me at all. Sometimes there is a reason why someone got nice to us. I.e if we are good to peoples, surely peoples will feel good to us, even not always but usually you’ll have the more good rather than the bad one πŸ™‚ another example in a family, a mom usually mostly love the youngest one, that’s definetly commonly happen everywhere in this earth. Some brothers or sisters always wondering, she doesn’t love me anymore. But do you brothers or sisters ever or have think do I already give the best for our mom? Surely most of them doesn’t really cared about that stupid question. Sorry no meant for offense πŸ™‚
So if some peoples was justifyed me like that, I don’t know where they looked from.
Surely I, I also ever got some problem with someones. Nobody perfects with creatures inside the atmosphere πŸ™‚

About Life…

Life is just like a gear,
It have the sharps and also have blunts
Everybody always have a fear,
A fear that everyone is not always same.

Sometimes the sharp one could hurt,
but not always hurt because it’s also worth,
without it there are no rotated

The blunts not always below the sharp,
It could be above or beside the sharp one,
Thats make the system began start,
And worked together with another one.

Chains is the emotion,
Its always flow through the gears,
It might be difficult while crossing the sharp motion
But in the end they can passed it without the tears.

Maybe continued…

by nawi2010 @ home : 1.20pm

Sometime the Power is unusable

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I didn’t writing here… There are so many things I had to do in last days, weeks, or even month. Mostly it’s about work. Work… work… work… thats never stop and it’s always come and come and don’t know where it will be stop.
Sometimes, it interesting, and sometimes it’s boring. But yeah that’s why it maybe called the chronicles. It will be always have a story and inspired, even sometimes we hated to do it, to be friendly with it and even do more serious πŸ˜€
Okay, that’s the only some scratching words. Well last week I bought some CD of my fav artists, it’s Radiohead’s The Best Of Album, and ABBA MAMMA MIA original soundtrack album. I had listening on it and it so great!!!
Yeah maybe it’s just little words that’s I like to share now. While testing this posting from textmate πŸ˜€
Have a nice weekend Guys!!!

Can’t Lie with Exciting!

Yeah can’t lie to my self today! I’m so excited today πŸ™‚ Why am I so excited? Hehe… it’s my little secret… This week was very wonderful πŸ™‚ I’m the most lucky guy in the world πŸ™‚
I’m getting closer to my most favourite singer in my life πŸ™‚
Nothing can defeat my very excited feeling… I feel that I found my spirit back… You give my spirit back!!!
Thank you so much…
Put your mind outside in this universe… and this universe is great!!! We are only very very small part of this universe…
Sweden… Sweden… I’ll come to you someday!!!