Howdy Blogging

It’s been for years since I didn’t wrote into this personal blog, the last post was on December 25th 2012. Wow, yeah it was almost 5 years ago since my last post. Surely a lot of things happen since that day in my life, a lot of journeys, experiences, moments, feelings, etc.

This is 2017 and I’m looking forward to be here going to write again.


Indonesian Readiness on Cloud Computing Business

According to the various internet news about Cloud Computing Business will be growing in next year (2013) significantly, that will be a great news to the various company that run on IT Business. Some companies soon or later will be adopting to this technology or maybe just following the trend. I’d like to analyze about the things related to readiness on this business while it will be running in this country.

Existing Cloud Services

Today, nobody who lived on IT Business are heard about AWS (Amazon Web Services), the most (yet) popular and the biggest of IaaS provider on earth. Nobody can deny how much the spent their money on investing hardwares for their infrastructure and have multiple region across continents. It also have it’s data center on Asia, which are located in Japan and Singapore. Unfortunately they don’t deploy their infrastructure here in Indonesia, I don’t know why the choose Singapore as their South East Asia Region, the readiness of infrastructure on that country should be on the top of priority why they choose on that country. The infrastructure is not only just on physical infrastructure but also the regulations that support it. We can’t deny that our regulations behalf to the information deliveries or distributions is still far than other countries. This is what we have to work on it.

Indonesian Internet Infrastructure Today

Todays internet infrastructure is evolving day by day and it;s getting better and better, this is a good news. While government are planning to build infrastructure to the east region of Indonesia, surely it will affected to the business growth in that area. They said that the infrastructure will be ready to used on 2013. Hopefully it won’t costly especially to the small business.

This is also the problem that haven’t been resolved yet about the higher prices on infrastructure. Yet we know that Infrastructure in Indonesia is different that in other countries which mostly their area are lands compared to Indonesia which have thousands islands from east to west. It must be sounds heavenly if we found or using a technology that suitable for our country geographic condition, i.e : using our standard or develop a new frequency spectrum communication channel that allow big data transfer with wider coverage area and cheap devices and easy installation. Is there any research for that? I don’t know…

Internet Service Providers are mostly just reached to the cities area not the small area ones, well this is mostly issue on deploying internet infrastructure across the world. Indonesia biggest internet provider today is Telkom, which it’s services TelkomSpeedy are able to serve internet connection as long as they are covered by telephone line (ADSL). Their connection are quite stable as long the cable condition are in good condition. I have tested on some area on the East Indonesia like in Ambon or North Sulawesi area, it have quite good connection while accessing on National Exchange region. It also become a good news that national infrastructure today are might able to handle the Cloud Computing requirements event tough with minimum specs.

Well, in the next chapter I’ll write about data center and regulation…

On my way home for Eidl Fitr

Howdy there, it’s been a long time since my last wrote *again *duh. Well it’s obviously yes again. I’ve been busy with work and college. This time I’ve entering 7th semester and can’t wait for my graduation in next year (hoping). This semester will definitely there a lot of college and work tasks that I should’ve prepared. Begin on college pre final paper and work projects that should be finished before the end of December.

Began on college paper, I have to create a paper report for a subject that will be written like Degree final paper. This paper should have been done in 6 months, not a long time, time is running so faster days by days. Till now I don’t have any idea where do I should have my work college at or get a title for the paper. Fortunately my boss at a my campus where I work offered a project that might be used as my college project and my final college paper. I haven’t decided yet whether I should take it or not, but it seems interesting, it should be written on my notes and schedules when do I should take an action for that. I will be begin searching for resources that I use for the project and analyzes every aspect about it. Sure this topic is have the problem, the condition and the solution, so it might be good for me.

On the work project, well this is the hardest thing that i wanna write. I’m still working on the running projects that have short deadlines in this and next month. Actually it’s not as difficult as it look but once again it’s about time management and the seriousity* of me to work on it. Once again it happen again but it’s better than previously. But this problem should be solved as soon as possible, I need to share it to some friends and need some feedbacks and suggestions to it.

And the other one is about my other work, hfff. ๐Ÿ˜

Based on the caption right now I’m heading on my way home to celebrate Eid’l Fitr with family and friends. This year I use a train as a transportation to get it home. The tickets price is veery expensive as its prices doubled compared as normal days. Well that’s the disadvantage of Eid’l Fitr celebration with away family. Despite of it, there are many interesting things when we celebrate it with traveling to a distance city like I do. Start from ticket hunting, packing in stuffs, buying gifts for nephews to traveling moments inside it. A friend of mine who are don’t have away family never feel the atmosphere of celebrating with away family they feel that at least once they would like to do this. Hehe strange huh? But yes it is. In this section I obviously would like to write the moment that happen till the travel arrived at Surabaya.

This morning I have to find a box package to package all stuffs that I need to bring home. Fortunately there is an unused box and it’s size fits with the stuffs I bring, and just need some few modification to make it smaller. Once it done, I began searching for gifts for my nephews, well this year I buy them two Tamiya’s cars, and a notebook like toy for my younger nephew with it’s age is about 3. Hope they’ll like it. And the most weight of stuffs is that I bring a Desktop CPU!!! Well it’s seems like a crazy for traveling with a Desktop in Hand, haha. But I should do that to my family especially for my nephews to explores this and learning it. The one at home is already broken and old’s (it’s been 10 yrs). I’ll take a photo of it before it’s gone or recycled. I bring a Desktop CPU that I bought from my classmates friend about 8 months ago. It’s a branded Desktop it’s so heavy! I think that I need a massage once I arrived at home. Oh, this Desktop has been upgraded to 4 Gigs and a Dedicated VGA Card even though it need modifications to make the VGA card fits into the slot. But it impacted to the case that make the cases cannot be closed completely. Well this is a risk for better performance ๐Ÿ™‚

Update :

Old PC at home


Well I’ll write again when I’m get home.

The Show Must Go On

It’s been in a first quarter in 2012, and this is the first time I write something to my blog again. Wait, let it count, it’s been a year and I didn’t wrote anything!
Well yeah, last year was very tiring work, had to worked on several project simultaneously and had to gone to several cities to do some training and testing, it was
amazing experience. I had some lessons from the past year experience and i think it was improving me to see the future experience that surely must be have in different
situation than the past year.

This year I have to stay on the track to my goal for what I would like to reach. Even tough it’s not so simple and easy but with people support around me and exeperince
and lesson that they giving to me, I’ll try to resist.

This is just a scratch post because I currently testing to post a blog from text-mate. This sunday morning quite cloudy but sky is clear. Hope it won’t be rain today.

Struktur Data Paper

Source Code :

// 2009140938 - 4A - UNIVERSITAS PAMULANG


#define n 10

void push(void);
void pop(void);
void cetaklayar(void);
void inisialisasi(void);

int PIL,TOP;
char S[n];

using namespace std;

int main()
		cout<		cout<		cout<}


New Semester, New Spirit

Semester College Schedule

Semester Update

Began on this month now I’m in 4th semester on my college. Yes, it’s been two years ago since I’ve been took my college again. The good news is my GPA’s on the 3rd semester is better than 2nd semester. ย Even tough I could get better because my laziness on last semester made the responsibility should I had. Thats the lesson that I should learned and make sure that it won’t happen anymore.

The Spirit

In this month I also began to have more activities than last months. Now I have a part time job at my campus where I took my college in IT Deparment. In this department I have responsibility to make sure that information systems on campus are running smoothly without problem, and also I’m going to work in establishment with banks payment. Right now I have two projects as a pilot project, and hopefully it will be finish in next month.

While I have my part time job today I still have to manage my time with my daily work as usual.

Memories Never End

Well, after since almost 6 months. I visited my hometown at 6 – 8 march in order the finished some business. One of my business was to process my expired driving license. I have to create a new ones because the last one has expired since 1 year ago. The process was taking longer because I failed in practice test in driving motorcycle. The practice test was difficult I have to passed the zig-zag route. I also failed for the second chance after the officials ask me to do it once again.

Fortunately my friend has come at the moment, who is a Policeman helped to follow up on it. After one hour finally my new driving license has printed and ready to use.

Finally I’m Online Again

After since weeks I never got online because there was internet problem at home, now I can get online using another alternative connection. It was happen since almost three weeks ago when internet connection disconnected. So I must find another alternative for me so I can get online. Maybe I’m already in internet addict or internet already become the part of my life. I could not do anything without connected to internet, my works are on the clouds.

Free-Hotspot :
I was tried to get online on a free hotspot some days ago but it wasn’t up sometimes so this place can be use as alternative place to get online. The connection quality was good enough but unfortunately it was located beside the mosque so not every people might want to be online around it’s area. But so lucky me cause I could breaking inside the router and the wifi access point so it seems like I can control it.

Final method :
Yet finally I decided to used HSDPA as my alternative connection. Using 3 (Three) GSM provider which have promotion Broadband Unlimited for 30 Days. Me using the 500 MB’s package. And for my personal use i think thats more than enough. Even tough I must hold my desire to do any files that I’d like to downloads or update.
So far the connection is quite stable, I used my Nokia N82 phone as modem and switch my primary GSM number to my second phone. I hope the connection will be stable till next weeks till I’m switched back to cable connection.

The first thing I did was listening to my streaming, so far this HSDPA could handled this. And then login to remote office, it’s quite stable. Yeeah!!

Right now still have a lot of things to do with the tasks, the work task and also the college task. Time is running so Go Amy Go….!!!

The Coin Flip

courtesy of
It’s been awhile and again and again I never have time to update this. I don’t know due on what but it seems it’s definitely the hardest part.
The hardest part was came from the pressures from inside and outer side, the lowest situation I ever faced. I know realize that it isn’t easy thing to do, and we need a lot of effort to realize that. Apparently I do realize that I shouldn’t be like this anymore and need a lot of resolution to make better meaningful life.
But there are some complicated things that I currently facing, some of them coming from the outside and some from the inside. I decided to didn’t write so detailed about this but the only thing than can portrayed this is like The Coin Flip situation. Whatever the coin side face, it’s definitely your way.