Beautiful Eve

I just woke up in the midnight, because I slept I early (about 9pm) and right now is about 1am here. It’s uncommon for me, because usually at this time usually I haven’t sleep yet. But right now the situation is quite and calm here, and I can feel the silent, silently that feel right there are always some peaces everywhere.
I’m wondering why that some source said that one of the best pray time is about 2/3 of night time. Likely I know why it’s better. When we feel the universe, there are always be the time movement between the midnight and early morning. It’s have the most good energy in the universe. Sometimes you can feel the leafs that blow by the wind. The beautiful song outside there, and something that you don’t get in the midday.
I can feel it, I can hear it but actually don’t know what He want.
I’m just human and have nothing in the universe, only a small of molecule that only made a small part change in this universe. Thank God, You still watching over me here facing Your universe that full of secret, hopefully someday I found what’s the secret that you gave unique to each mankind 🙂

*Ilustration photo is copyright © by David Cartier