Prepare for going home

Next week i will going to my own home in Pasuruan. It is have been 7 month since last time i go home in Idul Fitr with my family. At the same time in my city Pasuruan there will be held grand opening “Pasuruan, City of Mountain“. This event will be held on “Taman Candra Wilwatikta” on Pandaan.
This is will be special event coz i never know all beautiful place in pasuruan, i hope with this event can introducing beautiful place in Pasuruan.
First i knew this event is from JTV Surabaya part of Jawapos Group. JTV is a local TV Station that coverage all East Java Area. Such in my city pasuruan. May be i can meet my old friend at that event, and searching for new things.
Home sweet home. Six days remaining for prepare…


Follow World Cup Match Without Television

Television, is a must have goods in everyday. But maybe we don't have television but have an Personal Computer with internet connected. Like me, in worldcup season sometimes i don't see the match live on tv but i view it while i'm working. This tips i used in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To do this i used my internet connection and use my handphone to do this. To follow the match live i open the FIFA official websites then i choose matchcast live link. The you will bring a new window that contain matchcast application. Wait while loading then you will view small dashboard that contain information during match.

In MatchCast you can see line up, team information, comentaries, and etc. Even not really real time the information that delivered is enough to follow the live match.

Second, i turn on my radio using my N-Gage mobile phone. Then i tune it to my national radio channel called RRI (Indonesian Republic Radio), i switch it to 88.8 MHz (Maybe different in every city) then a commentator will talk the event that happen during match.In your city maybe there are radio station that serve worldcup match live on radio. Tune and find it 😀

So during match i see the statistics on MatchCast but during realtime event i listen to radio.

Maybe this tip can be used for you if you want to follow the match without tv in your area.


Matchcast Dashboard

Dream Catcher Part 3

Oh, no i got error messages and i write it again, damn it. Suddenly i want to write it, i don't why i see it again even we never been meet as long time last night i see her shadow, although i never imagine it. When i see it, it feel sad and feel weep and then it embracing me and then i walk with it. I don't remember the next chapter.

I remember then i meet with another with this, this feels strange to me i also feel strange to it, this look like in bad mood and feel angry. Oh my god i don't know what is mean? Next chapter i don't remember.
Dream are dream, let it comes into your mind and enjoy it.

*Just imagined 

Dream Catcher Part 2

It’s happen when i sleap and wake up @ 7am, i see i’m go with my uncle and my friends together riding a car to the place then we play soccer futsal together, but it’s strange the net used is for playing general footbal but it’s used for futsal. I played as goal keeper but i often cannot catch the ball. Only thats that i’ve remember. Coz this posting must be post on June 8th 😀

Dream Catcher Part 1


I dont know what it's mean, but i don't mean it but it still mystery where is it from, for what. So i decide to make this sub category and describe everythings that i thought.

It's have three days that i always get bad dreams, it's about disaster i see big water and it's fill all the part of my city and i sit at the car and i explore it. Even it has disaster i still want to exploring the roadmap until till home.

Then when i walk out home at my logging house i sit near telephone tower and just get a call is it from Mr. hasan, he told me when we will come to meet. I just said i' waiting  Mr. Adrianus, i said when Mr. Adrianus come we will go together. But when i walk to logging house i try a line telephone in outdoor panel but it's unusable i hear a Telkom Customer Service in earphone. I force to try but it same, then finally i try the last phone that's my office. I try to dial n it still same but i try n try again then it's connected to my house at Pasuruan. When it's connected my brother said that call again next time coz my another or whom are praying.

It's the thoughts that i have catch, i dont know what is it mean are it's my sleeping flower cause thirsty or i dont know… 

More Know More Feel Stupid

After read all article by IT practition, feel stupid i feel stupid. Coz what i've known is still far away with what their knows. I know its imposible to become like their but you must still improve your skill to become like their.

I'm sure you're not late to become like their coz you're still far away for the future. If you analyze that, they also keep learning n learning everyday for their time. Even in all situation.

The things that they have is still keep writing, reading and sharing with each other. So there will be good things every things that we thought.

Let the times walking and you should prepare for your self. If not you no one can't remind you.