Sometime the Power is unusable

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I didn’t writing here… There are so many things I had to do in last days, weeks, or even month. Mostly it’s about work. Work… work… work… thats never stop and it’s always come and come and don’t know where it will be stop.
Sometimes, it interesting, and sometimes it’s boring. But yeah that’s why it maybe called the chronicles. It will be always have a story and inspired, even sometimes we hated to do it, to be friendly with it and even do more serious 😀
Okay, that’s the only some scratching words. Well last week I bought some CD of my fav artists, it’s Radiohead’s The Best Of Album, and ABBA MAMMA MIA original soundtrack album. I had listening on it and it so great!!!
Yeah maybe it’s just little words that’s I like to share now. While testing this posting from textmate 😀
Have a nice weekend Guys!!!


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