Justifying someone

Some people or maybe common people just judge a people from the first meet someone.
Some peoples said that I’m never got anger by someone or always got a nice thing from everyone. Hehe… Sometimes I laughed to myself, is that me that kind of that guy? Thanks God if it’s right 🙂
But it’s not nobody knows about me at all. Sometimes there is a reason why someone got nice to us. I.e if we are good to peoples, surely peoples will feel good to us, even not always but usually you’ll have the more good rather than the bad one 🙂 another example in a family, a mom usually mostly love the youngest one, that’s definetly commonly happen everywhere in this earth. Some brothers or sisters always wondering, she doesn’t love me anymore. But do you brothers or sisters ever or have think do I already give the best for our mom? Surely most of them doesn’t really cared about that stupid question. Sorry no meant for offense 🙂
So if some peoples was justifyed me like that, I don’t know where they looked from.
Surely I, I also ever got some problem with someones. Nobody perfects with creatures inside the atmosphere 🙂


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