My Family Got Accident

Today I got called from my mother in my born city, my mom said that my sister with her husband and my nephew got an accident from motorcycle. OMG!!! I ask to my mom why this happen but then she disconnected the call and I difficult to contact her again. I try to contact my first sister, she said not to much about the way it happen.

I tried to contact my cousin at his mobile phone and talked the story and hope he can give me some information about this accident. Finally I got the information the way it happen and condition of them. My nephew got problem with their upper hand skeleton, it little broken so it will need treatment for next week. And my sisters husband get more seriously injured, he had a serious pain in his leg and need to be get more serious treatment, his leg will be covered with protector to protect their leg, he had seriously injured till he can see her skeleton inside it.

I’m planning to¬† going home tomorrow but my mom said that they are okay and you may not going home if there’s more important than going home. I still don’t know am I will go home or not. I hope they will be better soon,