The First Raining in This Summer

Just now it was raining, the rain has began in 5pm and till this blog written it’s still small raining. It’s good becasuse it’s never rain for 3 months.

I wish with this first rain in this summer, there are less mosquitos around here, because he is my main enemy inside my home.

Is this rain will be everyday? I hope yes and I hope not 🙂


New Beta Pages

Just now I got Information tips at the top of my profile pages. It’s say there is a new beta pages. I’m curious about it and then I try to click it…

Nice looking, it’s beautiful. You are doing great team!!!

My Debit Card Got Back

Finally today, I’ve already got my Debit Card back after lost since three weeks ago. In that time, I can’t take my money on ATM’s. So I must control my expenses. It’s little bit difficult because the money in my wallet is just enough for live in one week.
Today I was going to the bank where I open the saving account, it takes one hour. After I arrived there the bank is almost closed due to the bank hours, I arrived there on 2.57pm, the bank should close on 3pm. But I already taken the trouble ticketing number, so it still can be processed 🙂
After processed about 20 minutes finally I got my new debit card. Now I can using my debit card again.
Thanks to the Police officer for the Letter of Authority, without you I won’t get my card back.