Finger Scan SDK

Today i have a project that’s Fingerscan Identification program. This program will be used from citizen ID card or KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) in indonesian. This project is made for protecting the ID from unwanted procedure like duplication or wrong usable. With this project we hope there’s will no wrong usable from Citizen ID Card. This project is coordinated with Citizen Departement.


Air Plane Accident

This day is a bad day, may be thats right what are people saying. This morning a plane from Mandala Airlines has accident when went to take off from airport.
The news report that all passenger are killed and only 6 people are safe from that accident. The plane kind Boeing 737-200 is carrying 167 people. The plane is going to Jakarta.
In That accident there are a governor of North Sumatera. He was there when the plane got accident. I hope all family from this accident get the power. Amien

Fire near my Home

This night at 8pm near my living home in Taman Kedoya Permai a house has been kill by fire. That house has lived by a doctor. The fire is come from kitchen than the fire. Fire fighter come 30′ after fire burning the house. The fireman try to kill the fire. Fire can be evacuated at 9pm. This moment make all people that live in complex were out from their home.

Padi vs Peterpan and PHP

This night i’m listening my Padi’s and Peterpan’s collection, all the song is great. Padi is band that i like from junior high school, i’m really2 like him, and Peterpan? Wow this band now is booming, The song is played everyday at Television and radio. The music that suggested by Peterpan is different between other band. Now i’m still listening the song. Every song that my music player is nice. Beside that now i’m feel sleepy coz just now i’m ride the motorcycle from citizen department. Tommorow will be a free day because tommorow is national holiday. What i will doing tommorow?
Mmmm, maybe i want to studying about PHP. Hey man! don’t only talk it. Keep studying man, i’m sure that your science will be used for tommorow and for the future.
So what step will you do for that?