The Answer of mounting ntfs for view all user

Just now I’m try to mounting my portable harddisk that contain ntfs partition. Before, I’m usually mounting it from root, so it doesn’t hurt me. But today I want to mount my partition to all user can view mode.
First I try conventional mounting using ntfs-3g tools, user can still view contents to mount folder.

The Solution :

sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/windows/ -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=0222

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NgaduTrafik 2007 SEO Competition

“NgaduTrafik 2007” or “TrafficBattle 2007” in english phrase is keyword that used by Indonesia AdSense Community. The winner is the blog who has top rank at search engine. Suddenly, I doesn’t want to join this competition, but I just want to learn what blogger do for her blog site to become top rank on the search engine.

Below is the current status of keywords at I captured it just now.

Currently there are 27 sites that captured by google. But it’s the 2nd day from the start event. There are many of blogger still waiting preparing the skill for this competition. I hope the next winner will share the tips for us for getting number one at search engine.

NgaduTrafik 2007 Screenshot

I want to raise me up

Last month, there are so many time that wasted by me. I don’t know why it’s. Actually, I don’t want to do that. It’s all can cause many problems to me. Especially at now, I feel I can’t get focus at my job, I like the man who has a low spirit, and it still decrease.
I’m always try to do it. But It still hard to raise my own soul.
I’m try to do anything to me, maybe I should need some relaxation into my soul and my mind for getting better. I targeted in this month I should change my mind. I believe I can raise my own soul and my mind up.
I hope I will getting better tomorrow. Maybe I should write What you’ve do today, and what can you do for other people and what can you do form tomorrow.