New Semester, New Spirit

Semester College Schedule

Semester Update

Began on this month now I’m in 4th semester on my college. Yes, it’s been two years ago since I’ve been took my college again. The good news is my GPA’s on the 3rd semester is better than 2nd semester.  Even tough I could get better because my laziness on last semester made the responsibility should I had. Thats the lesson that I should learned and make sure that it won’t happen anymore.

The Spirit

In this month I also began to have more activities than last months. Now I have a part time job at my campus where I took my college in IT Deparment. In this department I have responsibility to make sure that information systems on campus are running smoothly without problem, and also I’m going to work in establishment with banks payment. Right now I have two projects as a pilot project, and hopefully it will be finish in next month.

While I have my part time job today I still have to manage my time with my daily work as usual.


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