Finally I’m Online Again

After since weeks I never got online because there was internet problem at home, now I can get online using another alternative connection. It was happen since almost three weeks ago when internet connection disconnected. So I must find another alternative for me so I can get online. Maybe I’m already in internet addict or internet already become the part of my life. I could not do anything without connected to internet, my works are on the clouds.

Free-Hotspot :
I was tried to get online on a free hotspot some days ago but it wasn’t up sometimes so this place can be use as alternative place to get online. The connection quality was good enough but unfortunately it was located beside the mosque so not every people might want to be online around it’s area. But so lucky me cause I could breaking inside the router and the wifi access point so it seems like I can control it.

Final method :
Yet finally I decided to used HSDPA as my alternative connection. Using 3 (Three) GSM provider which have promotion Broadband Unlimited for 30 Days. Me using the 500 MB’s package. And for my personal use i think thats more than enough. Even tough I must hold my desire to do any files that I’d like to downloads or update.
So far the connection is quite stable, I used my Nokia N82 phone as modem and switch my primary GSM number to my second phone. I hope the connection will be stable till next weeks till I’m switched back to cable connection.

The first thing I did was listening to my streaming, so far this HSDPA could handled this. And then login to remote office, it’s quite stable. Yeeah!!

Right now still have a lot of things to do with the tasks, the work task and also the college task. Time is running so Go Amy Go….!!!


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