On my way home for Eidl Fitr

Howdy there, it’s been a long time since my last wrote *again *duh. Well it’s obviously yes again. I’ve been busy with work and college. This time I’ve entering 7th semester and can’t wait for my graduation in next year (hoping). This semester will definitely there a lot of college and work tasks that I should’ve prepared. Begin on college pre final paper and work projects that should be finished before the end of December.

Began on college paper, I have to create a paper report for a subject that will be written like Degree final paper. This paper should have been done in 6 months, not a long time, time is running so faster days by days. Till now I don’t have any idea where do I should have my work college at or get a title for the paper. Fortunately my boss at a my campus where I work offered a project that might be used as my college project and my final college paper. I haven’t decided yet whether I should take it or not, but it seems interesting, it should be written on my notes and schedules when do I should take an action for that. I will be begin searching for resources that I use for the project and analyzes every aspect about it. Sure this topic is have the problem, the condition and the solution, so it might be good for me.

On the work project, well this is the hardest thing that i wanna write. I’m still working on the running projects that have short deadlines in this and next month. Actually it’s not as difficult as it look but once again it’s about time management and the seriousity* of me to work on it. Once again it happen again but it’s better than previously. But this problem should be solved as soon as possible, I need to share it to some friends and need some feedbacks and suggestions to it.

And the other one is about my other work, hfff. 😐

Based on the caption right now I’m heading on my way home to celebrate Eid’l Fitr with family and friends. This year I use a train as a transportation to get it home. The tickets price is veery expensive as its prices doubled compared as normal days. Well that’s the disadvantage of Eid’l Fitr celebration with away family. Despite of it, there are many interesting things when we celebrate it with traveling to a distance city like I do. Start from ticket hunting, packing in stuffs, buying gifts for nephews to traveling moments inside it. A friend of mine who are don’t have away family never feel the atmosphere of celebrating with away family they feel that at least once they would like to do this. Hehe strange huh? But yes it is. In this section I obviously would like to write the moment that happen till the travel arrived at Surabaya.

This morning I have to find a box package to package all stuffs that I need to bring home. Fortunately there is an unused box and it’s size fits with the stuffs I bring, and just need some few modification to make it smaller. Once it done, I began searching for gifts for my nephews, well this year I buy them two Tamiya’s cars, and a notebook like toy for my younger nephew with it’s age is about 3. Hope they’ll like it. And the most weight of stuffs is that I bring a Desktop CPU!!! Well it’s seems like a crazy for traveling with a Desktop in Hand, haha. But I should do that to my family especially for my nephews to explores this and learning it. The one at home is already broken and old’s (it’s been 10 yrs). I’ll take a photo of it before it’s gone or recycled. I bring a Desktop CPU that I bought from my classmates friend about 8 months ago. It’s a branded Desktop it’s so heavy! I think that I need a massage once I arrived at home. Oh, this Desktop has been upgraded to 4 Gigs and a Dedicated VGA Card even though it need modifications to make the VGA card fits into the slot. But it impacted to the case that make the cases cannot be closed completely. Well this is a risk for better performance 🙂

Update :

Old PC at home


Well I’ll write again when I’m get home.


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