SO Many Lists this month

It’s been almost in the end of 7th month. But there are still lot things to do till the end of this month! Have to finished to revised previous projects, Working on running projects, and preparing for the future projects. That things should’ve been done this month.
The most problem is always classical problem. Obviously, I can fight with this. But there are always mixed with external matters that come simultaneously and its commonly happen. Sometimes it’s easy to be fighting with this kind of situation but sometimes, we have now way out while fighting into this kind of situation.
Crossroads, thats the most confusing thing when we have to decide which way that we should gonna pass through. Deciding the right way, or take the short turn into final destination… Thats will be a big questions for me!
Wish the spirit will never let me go down, keep to the best what I can do! Is that the secret? Haha