Will go home next week

Finally, next week, aproximately on Oct 18th I will go home to my parent house at Gempol, Pasuruan. I’ve booked a ticket for go and back, I will go by air plane. I’ve book ticket at AirAsia ticket reservation. I pay by credit card cos I taken a economic class.

Usually during Idul Fitr the price of ticket is increase more than 100%. I dont know why coz there are so many travel agent that serve flight increasing the price from 60% and up. I got luck coz i got economic seat program that serve by Air Asia, so i got more cheap price. If the travel budget is being totaled the budget is same if i go home by train. So going by plane is better than going by train. It have less time, but i will go in last flight in that day, aproximately at 22.30,  but it;s ok

I still dont know what I want to do next if i go home. It seem i must scheduled what the job must I do at home. Must I go with my friend, or girl friend or with other.



Prepare for HRMS Project

Start from today, i will doing the HRMS Project from the Yokogawa Company, the project will start on monday 2nd October 2006. This project will be doing by my self as system design, database design, and programmer.
This project is not too easy but not too dificult, the project will contain about time attendance, absentee, tardiness, and Human resource management, Like employess record. The project progress i will report into this blog coz, this is my first project that i want to pos into my blog and want everyone to see and comment it.
So i hope with i write into this blog, other senior analyst can help me to finish this project :). This project will aproximately finished in one week coz this is not a big project, but if this first project get a nice result, i will get the second chance to develop it more.
I hope so.
Good luck boy in this Ramadhan month.