Shadows of The Dream

Her shadows still on my mind
Nothing I thinking about her
The shadows still haunted me
Is it sick of me

Where are you now?
The shadows over me
Sometimes came into my dream
The light around me

Now the shadow is far
It’s impossible to find it
Even I going there
Only destiny will …..


Dream Catcher Love Story

Last night I got a really-really nice dream but got bad ending. But I feel this dream is really-really happen to me. I’m  not thoughed anything last night, just slept as usual. This story is began when I met  a girl, it liked I’ve known this girl before but her face is not quite clear. We are both closer and closer till wherever we go she always with me, till someday she got sick and liked she never had anyone to acompany him.

Someday she getting more bad with his disease, and need help when walking and going everywhere. In that time there is only me beside her and no one. Once time she must getting to hospital but she must get the letter from her company to allow going to hospital, at that time I accompany her to her office. Firstly she didn’t get that letter because first day she didn’t inform to the company. I’m tell to her manager to allow her to take a rest about several because of her disease, I’m told everything to her boss, and finally he getting that letter.

After she take a rest for several days, she has got better. After that she more loving me, we are going everywhere together and spending most time together. TIll someday we both going by city train we both talk about each other. After spending most time talking each other I know that she is strong girl. I met with my old friend named Nico’s. He didn’t like the way of my girl talking, he said that the way she talking is bad and make other people angry, he is the one. And then I make the situation calm down, and then I talked to her about the way girl talk. She listened to me and she understand it, and then we talk again along the rails train. Till we found another train with different destination, I didn’t know where is it will going. But we just go inside it. After we both inside the conflict is start, i didn’t remember the reason why I can accompany him till I order my friend to find someone who can accompany my girl. After several hours my business has done I try to find my girl and my friend said that she has been accompanied by X’s. I didn’t remember her names. When I going to every cabooses I must fight with other to go to the next cabooses. After I reach the last caboose I hear a melody of song. The situation is dark and then the lights is up and all people stairing at me. I didn’t know why, and then I found my girls she is listening the music with my friend who’ve been accompanied him. She is stairing me, and finally she said “I’m sorry but my love is not for you. I’ve been found someone that is he”. OMG my heart feel exploded what the hell she talked about. That make me feel broken. I have spend many time with her and accompanied her wherever she go and anytime she need. But why with just more several hours she changed her mind.

That is the last time I saw her, I’m going alone and nobody.

Strange Dream

It’s about my dream and will always about my dream. The story begin when I school on junior high school I meet my friend ponimin (I dont know why I dream about her) he just married three days ago, I got this information from my friend Dharma. When I meet his, everything like normal. Then I ride my bicycle and going home. Tomorrow there like competition to solve the puzzle that we must enter the big house and the we must exit it quickly and that is the winner. The strange is in that house there so many traps that if we catched by that trap we will move to another place and we will more hard to finish this puzzle.
First round I win this competition, until the second round I catched by trap and fooled by the rap that hanging on roof. When I pull the rap the floor is open and there is stair going to down. I doesn’t goes to stair down, I still wondering is it the right way or not. Finally there is sign that this round is over, and then theres a solve problem answers about this round, the answers said that is must going down and going to right and then we must going down. Oh my god, why I doesn’t go down. Suddenly I must go to down stair and follow next sign. Finally I lost and fired up.
After this place I called by some one that official of something event, they said I’m not yet pay something and you must pay something like the others but this people mad like different than the other, I’m speechless in front of her. Sometimes, I talk to him to negotiated about payment but she still reject.
For the punishment about payment I should go out and follow another similar event to pay this. After fired out I feel different than before, there’s no one to talk with it seem I’m not theirs friends even he doesn’t want talk to me, play with me. It seem I like feel alone in that time, I feel frustrated and I don’t know who to fight with it.
After someday the place it like my elementary school hall, I see all my friend playing with the others start from elementary school till vocational high school. I only walk see while their had playing with the others, sometimes their playing football, some their run. But I feel all people in that time stairing at me,why? I also don’t know why they are stairing at me.
Till then I go to teachers room, in that room I meet my another friend (it likes my junior high school friends) waiting the teachers too. I took some talk with him (3 girls) about why they are here, what business bring them here. And then the teacher ( woman ) come and want to talk with me. Teachers said to pay my fault I must follow another training that will be hold tomorrow after school time for two days.
Tomorrow when I  go to school all my friends stairing at me again and feel doesn’t respect with me. I don’t know why. till I enter the class then I slept at my class (the location is like in my vocational high school 3th level). After I wake up there’s no one around me. It feel silence like no one before. After I going out of class I saw all people in the classes like statue, but sometime I see they move their body. I start smile and thinks it intentionally to hurt feeling me. Firstly they don’t know if I know they are try to hurt feeling of me. But till all my friends laugh. and then their go to home, but like usual they doesn’t respect at me.
Until I meet my teacher and then we talk and start the lesson about religion like read holy quran, beneficence and others.
It feels the dreams finish at there and then I woke up while listening the rain is come.

Meet with old friend (Part 7)

I meet with my old friend when i walk out together with my ganks at that time when i was so young. There are my best friend, they are Budi, Dharma, Eko. When we want to by pangsit noodle. Hehe, i meet with my old friend to, her name is iis. She live at Gempol city.
After buy noodle i accompany him in her home. At her home her parent welcome to me. Than we eat together. The things i see is the place is the same with situation that i ever know. The story stop here coz i wake up…

Dream Catcher Part 6

The point is about robbing, and event and meet with the girl.
The first point, i follow the event that are came in is functionary from Indonesia government the event is shown about culture of indonesia, traditional dance, comedy, and etc. But before i enter the event there are one girl that waiting for me and want me to go with him the face is not really beautiful, i dont know who is she. But when the event started there are so many beautiful girl, i found one that is different than others. She is looking me, and i looking her she is so beautiful, and i like him. But i dont know who is she. The caracteristic of that girl is have a black and long hair, have a nice smile. Clear Skin. Different with the that waiting for me after the event she have’nt clear skin.
After event I walk with him but this is doesnt continued.
The second point, i walk accross the housing, and then I gone accros my friends logging house, i dont know why i enter the home and then i enter his room the initial is AC, i dont know why i’m steal her good and when i want to exit, he come with her girl friend. Oh my god what must I do,
The story stop here…

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Dream Catcher Part 5

Today i dream about developing new application that i called IZCTT, we make a new brand software that will be approximately have market the software can run in full speed on cross platform we develop it, I dream that the software increase the class of indonesian quality of software even today there r so many software developer that being develop their product. Is it spirit?
I got lose in trade, the market position is growing up until the margin that I have is not enough so my open position is automatically closed by self coz I have two open position that have same value that is sell too so if added the margin is not enough, Not bad, it only happening in my dream but maybe this is will becoming signal that i must be carefull in doing something, the wrong way will be make u go bad, so you can think on your own.

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Dream catcher part 4

This morning wake at 8.15 am, and i remember the last dream that i experienced today, I meet the president and we talking live and discuss together. Firstly we talk about resident data, the discussion for this topic is hot and the president say his opinion about it, but i dont know from where this statement out. Is it from my mind or from where? He said that the data have been arranged in national policy and it have section and subsection so it rather dificult to change it.
The second topic is i dont now why the president is ask for investing, he ask for investing for national asset and why not to be used. I say to president that we can help for your investing asset and will give more advantages. And then the president said that he is agree with my opinion.
The dream is tobe continued

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