Watching Premier League in Indonesia (my way)

Today, in Indonesia we can follow the Premier League big match in our country, it happen because the broadcasting is already taken by a Malaysian commercial satelite tv company who already have broadcasting rights in our country for broadcasting Premier League. It’s not happen 2 years ago because the national TV station always broadcast the premier league match even bigmatch.

It makes we as premier league mania in our country felt sad. Many alternative way for the people who wants to follow the match. Some people visiting her friends who already subscribed to satelite tv subscriber, some people going to cafe where it broadcasting premier league into their place.

Yesterday I founded an alternative the way to follow the premier league match even we can see the player action live. But it’s enough for me to follow the realtime match. I want to write about the way how to watch the bigmatch if it not broadcasting to our national tv station.

First we open Premier League websites, there is so much information about premier league. Select “Matchday Menu” and then select “Live Score Centre“. There will be a window pop up that display. The window pop-up is like below.

In the pop-up window we can see the list of match that are currently playing (if you open the window while match is playing). Last night I want to follow the match between Manchester United vs Blackburn, i want to follow this match because MU is my favourite team at premier league, because I’m not subscriber I need alternative way how to follow this match.

I hope it will be become an alternative way for we Indonesian premier league mania to follow other match if it not being broadcasted in television.


Updating Nokia N82 Firmware

After I bought this gadget yesterday, today I decided to update the firmware because there’s new version of firmware. Firstly I’m afraid that updating firmware will destroy my phone if it failed. But I will never know if I’m not try, why not?

Firstly Nokia Software Update check my phone type, and then check if there’s a new updated firmware. After found it will download the firmware. Current version of firmware (11.0.117) have size about 102 MB, it large enough for internet speed internet in my country (Indonesia). It tooks about 20 Minutes to download the firmware file. Below the screenshot while downloading (waiting with fast heart beat).

N82 Update Firmware1

After Nokia Software Updater download the firmware the second process is installing the firmware, the progress is about 15 Minutes. This is the critical process, use notebook with battery or PC with UPS to prevent electricity down. Below the screenshot of installing the firmware.

Nokia Firmware Update 2

Finally my phone updated with new firmware.  Screenshot of my phone later.

Free Web Hosting

Trying FeedBurner Service

I just trying feed agregator at feedburner. This sites provides feed agregator service for us, this services work to save our bandwidth hosting. i.e if we have a sites with many article but if any others want to subscribe to our blog, we just pointing our rss feeds to our feedburner rss feed agregator.
This service can save our bandwidth at bloghosting provider, cause all our rss services is pointed to feedburner. I just trying with my blog rss feed at and I got this feed address.
I recommend this service to any other blogger to use this service if you are using own bloghosting provider.

The Answer of mounting ntfs for view all user

Just now I’m try to mounting my portable harddisk that contain ntfs partition. Before, I’m usually mounting it from root, so it doesn’t hurt me. But today I want to mount my partition to all user can view mode.
First I try conventional mounting using ntfs-3g tools, user can still view contents to mount folder.

The Solution :

sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/windows/ -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=0222

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NgaduTrafik 2007 SEO Competition

“NgaduTrafik 2007” or “TrafficBattle 2007” in english phrase is keyword that used by Indonesia AdSense Community. The winner is the blog who has top rank at search engine. Suddenly, I doesn’t want to join this competition, but I just want to learn what blogger do for her blog site to become top rank on the search engine.

Below is the current status of keywords at I captured it just now.

Currently there are 27 sites that captured by google. But it’s the 2nd day from the start event. There are many of blogger still waiting preparing the skill for this competition. I hope the next winner will share the tips for us for getting number one at search engine.

NgaduTrafik 2007 Screenshot

Analysing Business Chance

Today there are so many business chance in our daily life or every activity. Its reason has different problem in each people, are we have business intuitive or not. But in actually not all people must have a business intuitive. The problem is, con we catch a situation it as an object that have a properties, and each properties have it own characteristic. Its only need  little analyzing of the object.
I.e if we see a tree, what is in your mind? As general, if we see it, it has tall, shape, or leaves. But if we doing some analysis about the object, it can be combine with another object that will become function or procedure. The procedure or function is that we can do for everything we want.
Starting an analysis is not hard that we think. Its only need an usual and training.