My Own Motorcycle

Start as today, the motorcycle that i used everyday now becoming mine. Today i want to take the legal document of motorcycle so my motorcycle document complete. If i see the ads at newspaper or television the price of motorcycle still 9 milion rupiah for new, and approximately 6 to 7 milion rupiahs for second hand.
But i’m not sure i want to sell it coz this is my asset and my operational transportation. But i want to do more with that money if i want to sell it, i want to enter the investing management that can be profit taking beside not growing asset like now.
But if i’m sell it to mobile everywhere becoming more dificult than usual. To find something, walkout, or hanging out. But i will  thinking it more…

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How make the good system information application

Tthere are so many vendor, consultant, software house and other IT company that provide IT Solution. But all company still do in same or general project that they got such as web designing, programming, or etc. But all application that they make especially in my country doesnt have unique things. If i see the application that make by the vendor or IT Consultant, the application seems doesnt have a plus value. Most of them doesnt running well in a long time or must be maintenance everyday or every week for stable running.
Maybe i want to resume what the good application should is, at least a good information system should :
–  Running well in all network condition ex: Dial Up, Wireless, VSAT
–  Portable for future development
–  Running in any platform
–  Have a usable interface so all beginner people easy to learn the system
–  Always improve the system until running well
–  Can run even on previous computer generation at least PII or G4 Processor or with minimum memory
–  Doesnt cosume high memory. Even today memory price are drop
–  Have a fast response even in dial up condition
–  Have portable view like web base but must have a security like IDE based application
It’s article i made with my work experience until today but maybe i will improve it. If anyone can add or correct the article that i made. I’m so pleasure.

From Gambir Station to Depok City

This morning i fetching my best friend. He arrives from Surabaya in order to visit his family at Depok City. I wake up at 5 am then take a bath and ride my tire horse. I arrive at gambir station at 5.30 am but the train hasn’t arrive. When i asking to the gambir station official, he said the train will arrive at 6 am.
At 6.15 am the train arrive and my friend come out from the train.
After that we take a breakfast outside station then we start the journey. The route that i use is from Medan Merdeka Timur then we meet “Tugu Tani” the we turnover the we go to Menteng, after Menteng we through Manggarai and We take along Dr. Saharjo Road until we found Pasar Minggu then we Take a long this road until we meet sign Margonda Raya, Turn Here. The Journey take the time aproximately 45 minutes.
After arrives i break 30 minutes then i back home. Nice journey…

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

If you’re a trader sure you’re know this mean. Yeah Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. whatever it’s mean, it’s the key if you want to become a sucessful trader. I just learning it and it has a diffferent view. If the economic practition says if the market is influence by economic market, social, and politics. But the charter says that the market condition is will repeat by self as same with previous situation.
I dont know what the fact is but i want to analyse it to find where is the trend and predict the next condition of market. Today i’m searching for resources on it. And i will learning it.
Good luck boys..

Long travelling

Right now i want to tell story about my long travelling from Jakarta to Pekalongan. In order to meet important people such as relation we must do anything to make relation and links with other people. The travelling start at 7 am from Pamulang, Tangerang.
We take Mr Eko at his home at Pamulang too and the we go together. First we transit at Bekasi to repair the car coz there are small problem at car that we used for travel, the trouble is at transmision and we replace the water of carburator. After that we continue the travelling and we stop at 1pm to lunch. At that place we eat sea food that is bawal fish.
After have lunch we continue the travelling and stop at 5 pm at gas station Muri in tegal city. This gas station has a unique things if we transit at that place there are 67 toilets that are cleans and higiens.This motto of gas stations, so there are prayer room and small cafe that served javanese food. We break about 15 minutes than we continue and we arrive at Pekalong at 6.30 and we check in at Nirwana Hotel, one the best hotel in Pekalongan City.
This story is to be continued…

Gmail hosted email domain created

One week after invitation finally i setup my own domain completely. At now i’m using free domain from free domain name services change-ip the domain management that served is easy to use n easy to update and doesnt take long take to view the changes.
In this domain i have setup administrator account and i create one user for my forwarded message. Yeah i will use this account to forwarding my email message from another account coz i’m not open all my email account everyday.
If you’re want to get free email account just email me at and i will reply you shortly and activate your email account.

Going home delayed

Actually yesterday i must went home in friday or saturday. But there are small problem that havn’t been solved so i delayed travelling home. I dont know when i actually going home coz now haven’t really2 clearly.
I have been talk to my mother about leave home.
I hope this week end i can go home.