Learn the Linux KVM

Today when I browse Internet sites i found interesting thing, this is about virtualization on Linux. I want to learn it coz it will implemented to my company that need virtualization that is open source and free. Just information…(stop coz telephone ringing…)


Jamie Cullum will concert in my country

It’s a good news, my favorite musician “Jamie Cullum” will held a concert in my country. It’s not a single concert but it will be a special program at Java Jazz Festival, it’s a yearly festival that held in my country every year since 2005.
Last 2 year i didn’t see it coz there are no my favorite artist/musician. I start like him since year 2004 in her album “Twenty Something”. I really2 like her song. In this chance i must see this concert, it will be amazing concert i ever see.
I hope I can see it at 4 march 2007, i must force it… Amien…

Welcome 2007

2006 has been gone, now we enter the year 2007. I hope in this year will become the start of me with the full of power, not like 2006 i want to push my power and wake up my spirit on this year. Coz in this year will become a strength competition between each other. I want to developed the powerful product that make everyone impressed with that. Please wait while i will developing it…