New Gmail Account

Today, without any serious purpose i’ve got invitation for gmail account. They said gmail is most powerful free email. You cant store more about 2,5 Gigabytes or its about 2533 MegaBytes, what you can do for your inbox with that capacity? Maybe you can store ar archiving your inbox unlimited. So you will never deleted your inbox or your archive.

Maybe, soon i will use this email as my primary email beside my company email address. Why i use it for my primary email? Cos gmail can access my email via pop3 protocol, and this is what i’m find. I can send my email from my own laptop and it easy to archiving to my email client. Remember my gmail account is “” i think this a nice name for my account. Hehe.


Sony Erricson w800i

This handphone is very nice. I’m really really like it, with the model and especially the feature from this phone. Why i’m like it? because it has a music player and radio, the camera with 2 mega pixel resolution makes feature of this phone perfect, even the phone doesnt support 3g technology but don’t worry because in indonesia the technology is being developed and still arrange by regulation in my country.
At now i’m only with my 8250’s phone in my pocket but i hope someday i will buy that gadget with my effort.

Created Blank Forms

Yesterday night i’ve done create a simple input form for my testing applicatin that i made, these form are customer form, and employee form.
Firstly i want to make a input form because for continue coding is easy because i only type a script according the system. I hope this system is faster and more reliable than before and any system like that now.
You Can….


Uff, last night is a very2 tired day, i went to pamulang for talking about business. Oh my god, this is my first to discuss about a business, dont boy, it’s discuss about a big project. and i’m never think that i’m participate on this project. The meeting is start about 4pm, the target for this meeting is finishing the pra proposal for our investor.
It’s my first time to create a pra proposal, before i’m never create a pra proposal. However, it’s challenge for me. I must can do all thing in the office job. It’s nice.
When we have been discussing we plan about the technologhy that will be used on this project. We design the network scheme, database, and other general technologhy.
Finally at the midnight we finished create the cash flow project, and finish when the BEP is comeback. In conclusion the BEP will go in aproximate 18 Month. It’s a fast time for investor if the BEP is back less than 2 years.