Forgot the starter key

One week ago (March 21th) when I’m going to Government Palace at Medan Merdeka Street (Near National Monument). I parked my motorcycle at parking area. Coz I late to come to office, I’m hurry to go to the building.

After done I’m going to parking area and want to start my motorcycle, I couldn’t find my starter key. As I remember, I’ve put it into my pocket and it’s safe. But I check on all my pocket. I still couldn’t find it. I’m nervous about it.

I’m nervous because It’s not my own motorcycle, I lend it from my friend. “Oh my god what should I do now? ” I said. But after take a glass of water and think again. I try to find it to all my pocket and bag. But, I still couldn’t find it.

Finally after 5  minutes from I’m searching the key. The official of parking area meet me and ask “Are u looking for a key?”, I said “Yes”. Then he said “Is it your key?”. When I see it I say “Oh My God, how this could be happen?”. He said “You leave your key at your motorcycle seat.”. Goddamned, It’s a fatal problem that I’ve doing.

I said very thanks to him and I give him some money for it. I’ll never forget this fatal deed.


Analysing Business Chance

Today there are so many business chance in our daily life or every activity. Its reason has different problem in each people, are we have business intuitive or not. But in actually not all people must have a business intuitive. The problem is, con we catch a situation it as an object that have a properties, and each properties have it own characteristic. Its only need  little analyzing of the object.
I.e if we see a tree, what is in your mind? As general, if we see it, it has tall, shape, or leaves. But if we doing some analysis about the object, it can be combine with another object that will become function or procedure. The procedure or function is that we can do for everything we want.
Starting an analysis is not hard that we think. Its only need an usual and training.

Free SMS with


Yesterday I’ve found a new tool, it’s web service. The site name is mobiK. It’s a service for us to send a free sms without limit and credit. If you don’t have any balance in your phone, this service must be try by you. If I see it service, I remember about It’s a service that we can send free SMS with this service, but I don’t know how is this service today. Is he still exist or not.
I’ve been trying it and it work perfectly, especially if you’re live in Indonesia or using Indonesian operator. I’m using prepaid “XL” from Excelcomindo this service work perfectly. I’ve send 4 SMS in different operator (Indonesian Operator) and It’s delivered.
If you want to try just visit the site and go to install page or install software for PC now but dont forget to check coverage operator. This service also available for mobile phone, so if you send a SMS, it’s only charge the GPRS.

Happy SMS.

Free Web Hosting

The importance of writing

A week ago I talked with a man, i think he is a successful man even the definition of success is maybe different in each of people. I remember since he talk about writing, why the foreign people (outside Indonesia) can be known by other people in the world and can get a market. One of the reason of that why other people can do that is because other people can “write”, that’s a thing I hard to do till now. I became conscious about the importance of writing.
If a people can write and understanding by other people, maybe that written things became can be discussed and seen by everyone that see it. i.e if we have a concept and we want it to become a business thing, the first thing must do is write it so that concept is comprehensible by people. If we want to design a system but it still in your mind, it’s better applying to several word and write it, maybe in your notes, your phone, on your notebook.
I hope I can change better than before, i hope so.

Someone has trying to reset my password

It’s have been one month since I doesn’t log in directly from my blog but today I received email from there someone has trying to reset my password. I don’t know who it is, but the email said if you don’t feel doing reset your password just ignore this email.
Maybe some one doing it without any serious purpose or someone want using this ID (maybe).