Shadows of The Dream

Her shadows still on my mind
Nothing I thinking about her
The shadows still haunted me
Is it sick of me

Where are you now?
The shadows over me
Sometimes came into my dream
The light around me

Now the shadow is far
It’s impossible to find it
Even I going there
Only destiny will …..


Watching Premier League in Indonesia (my way)

Today, in Indonesia we can follow the Premier League big match in our country, it happen because the broadcasting is already taken by a Malaysian commercial satelite tv company who already have broadcasting rights in our country for broadcasting Premier League. It’s not happen 2 years ago because the national TV station always broadcast the premier league match even bigmatch.

It makes we as premier league mania in our country felt sad. Many alternative way for the people who wants to follow the match. Some people visiting her friends who already subscribed to satelite tv subscriber, some people going to cafe where it broadcasting premier league into their place.

Yesterday I founded an alternative the way to follow the premier league match even we can see the player action live. But it’s enough for me to follow the realtime match. I want to write about the way how to watch the bigmatch if it not broadcasting to our national tv station.

First we open Premier League websites, there is so much information about premier league. Select “Matchday Menu” and then select “Live Score Centre“. There will be a window pop up that display. The window pop-up is like below.

In the pop-up window we can see the list of match that are currently playing (if you open the window while match is playing). Last night I want to follow the match between Manchester United vs Blackburn, i want to follow this match because MU is my favourite team at premier league, because I’m not subscriber I need alternative way how to follow this match.

I hope it will be become an alternative way for we Indonesian premier league mania to follow other match if it not being broadcasted in television.

Dream Catcher Love Story

Last night I got a really-really nice dream but got bad ending. But I feel this dream is really-really happen to me. I’m  not thoughed anything last night, just slept as usual. This story is began when I met  a girl, it liked I’ve known this girl before but her face is not quite clear. We are both closer and closer till wherever we go she always with me, till someday she got sick and liked she never had anyone to acompany him.

Someday she getting more bad with his disease, and need help when walking and going everywhere. In that time there is only me beside her and no one. Once time she must getting to hospital but she must get the letter from her company to allow going to hospital, at that time I accompany her to her office. Firstly she didn’t get that letter because first day she didn’t inform to the company. I’m tell to her manager to allow her to take a rest about several because of her disease, I’m told everything to her boss, and finally he getting that letter.

After she take a rest for several days, she has got better. After that she more loving me, we are going everywhere together and spending most time together. TIll someday we both going by city train we both talk about each other. After spending most time talking each other I know that she is strong girl. I met with my old friend named Nico’s. He didn’t like the way of my girl talking, he said that the way she talking is bad and make other people angry, he is the one. And then I make the situation calm down, and then I talked to her about the way girl talk. She listened to me and she understand it, and then we talk again along the rails train. Till we found another train with different destination, I didn’t know where is it will going. But we just go inside it. After we both inside the conflict is start, i didn’t remember the reason why I can accompany him till I order my friend to find someone who can accompany my girl. After several hours my business has done I try to find my girl and my friend said that she has been accompanied by X’s. I didn’t remember her names. When I going to every cabooses I must fight with other to go to the next cabooses. After I reach the last caboose I hear a melody of song. The situation is dark and then the lights is up and all people stairing at me. I didn’t know why, and then I found my girls she is listening the music with my friend who’ve been accompanied him. She is stairing me, and finally she said “I’m sorry but my love is not for you. I’ve been found someone that is he”. OMG my heart feel exploded what the hell she talked about. That make me feel broken. I have spend many time with her and accompanied her wherever she go and anytime she need. But why with just more several hours she changed her mind.

That is the last time I saw her, I’m going alone and nobody.

EDIROL-UA25 on Linux OpenSUSE

Today finally I configured my EDIROL-UA25 soundcard for used as primary soundcard in my OpenSUSE Linux. Configuration is not difficult enough, because it’s only use built in ALSA driver. Wow, ALSA is really-really great driver, great to you all ALSA developer. Now I can playing song into Amarok or other audio/video software to mapping the sound to my EDIROL sound card.

For mapping sound to my EDIROL-UA25 device I just replace the output sound with


It’s really make me happy to use linux. The second task is now I’m looking to compile Ardour2 to used in my linux system.

My Family Got Accident

Today I got called from my mother in my born city, my mom said that my sister with her husband and my nephew got an accident from motorcycle. OMG!!! I ask to my mom why this happen but then she disconnected the call and I difficult to contact her again. I try to contact my first sister, she said not to much about the way it happen.

I tried to contact my cousin at his mobile phone and talked the story and hope he can give me some information about this accident. Finally I got the information the way it happen and condition of them. My nephew got problem with their upper hand skeleton, it little broken so it will need treatment for next week. And my sisters husband get more seriously injured, he had a serious pain in his leg and need to be get more serious treatment, his leg will be covered with protector to protect their leg, he had seriously injured till he can see her skeleton inside it.

I’m planning to  going home tomorrow but my mom said that they are okay and you may not going home if there’s more important than going home. I still don’t know am I will go home or not. I hope they will be better soon,