Indonesian Readiness on Cloud Computing Business

According to the various internet news about Cloud Computing Business will be growing in next year (2013) significantly, that will be a great news to the various company that run on IT Business. Some companies soon or later will be adopting to this technology or maybe just following the trend. I’d like to analyze about the things related to readiness on this business while it will be running in this country.

Existing Cloud Services

Today, nobody who lived on IT Business are heard about AWS (Amazon Web Services), the most (yet) popular and the biggest of IaaS provider on earth. Nobody can deny how much the spent their money on investing hardwares for their infrastructure and have multiple region across continents. It also have it’s data center on Asia, which are located in Japan and Singapore. Unfortunately they don’t deploy their infrastructure here in Indonesia, I don’t know why the choose Singapore as their South East Asia Region, the readiness of infrastructure on that country should be on the top of priority why they choose on that country. The infrastructure is not only just on physical infrastructure but also the regulations that support it. We can’t deny that our regulations behalf to the information deliveries or distributions is still far than other countries. This is what we have to work on it.

Indonesian Internet Infrastructure Today

Todays internet infrastructure is evolving day by day and it;s getting better and better, this is a good news. While government are planning to build infrastructure to the east region of Indonesia, surely it will affected to the business growth in that area. They said that the infrastructure will be ready to used on 2013. Hopefully it won’t costly especially to the small business.

This is also the problem that haven’t been resolved yet about the higher prices on infrastructure. Yet we know that Infrastructure in Indonesia is different that in other countries which mostly their area are lands compared to Indonesia which have thousands islands from east to west. It must be sounds heavenly if we found or using a technology that suitable for our country geographic condition, i.e : using our standard or develop a new frequency spectrum communication channel that allow big data transfer with wider coverage area and cheap devices and easy installation. Is there any research for that? I don’t know…

Internet Service Providers are mostly just reached to the cities area not the small area ones, well this is mostly issue on deploying internet infrastructure across the world. Indonesia biggest internet provider today is Telkom, which it’s services TelkomSpeedy are able to serve internet connection as long as they are covered by telephone line (ADSL). Their connection are quite stable as long the cable condition are in good condition. I have tested on some area on the East Indonesia like in Ambon or North Sulawesi area, it have quite good connection while accessing on National Exchange region. It also become a good news that national infrastructure today are might able to handle the Cloud Computing requirements event tough with minimum specs.

Well, in the next chapter I’ll write about data center and regulation…


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