Howdy my blog (social networking)!

It’s been a long time (almost one month) since I didn’t write onto this blog. There was so many activities that make me didn’t have enough time to write in.
In the last month there was so many things that happen to me. It’s complicated things, some about my personal life, daily life, and also at work life. Uffff, it’s so complicated… Sometimes it bothered me, but sometimes I found some spirit to solve it all. I don’t care about this things. All I wanna do is just enjoying our life and do it better 🙂
Btw this Month I tried some experience about social networking. It was amazing experiences. If we could learn about the positive things about that, we would get benefit from it more 🙂 But till today I’m still don’t like about the most of my country user social networking site. It a lot of sucks things, most of all are bullshit… I know maybe you are folks from the same of my country may read this websites may anger with what I’ve wrote, but that is it. Most of users there didn’t get more benefit, maybe the most benefit you found is found your temporary girl/boyfriend ;p or maybe if you are lucky guy you may found your soulmate there 😉
That’s all! But I just want to enjoy other side about social networking life, that maybe make our life more live! Haha… maybe seems impossible. But that’s life!

To all the readers “Enjoy your life!!!”