The motorcycle has been sold

Two days ago my motorcycle has been sold to the other people, i’m feel sad why the motorcycle is sold, but if the motorcycle doesnt to be sold the daily activities will be affected during the financial problem.

As of this month we got a financial problem that not yet finished, we still try to fix the financial problem in dayly activities


Start to Blog Again on September

It’s have been one month since i doesnt blog at my personal blog because my busy activity, i must doing my project as fast as possible and make it running as soon as possible. Finally, yesterday i’ve finished my project (actually not full finished) but important function and module that use for operational. Even it’s not yet completed this project can be used for daily operational and start to work.
In order to design this project i got many problem in finishing, not only in thinking of design but the others problematic in finishing this. Actually I start it from 23th of August and yesterday i try to trial and error and it run smoother than last.
Next day (or now a days) i will continue to finishing and completing all subsystem on it. Check it out.