Internet Slow

It’s have been two days internet speed is really really slow! If usually i used 500 MB of download and upload traffic, but yesterday it has only 200 MB for data I/O. But according the news, the traffic is going to normal condition.
I hope thats right.


Performancing Bug

I found bug on Performancing 1.3.5, when i launch account wizard. I can posting some information to my blog at it can fetch but i dont know from where performancing fetch the categories, coz there so many categorized. But i can posting anything. When i configure via url input it can fetching my blog posting, and fetched correctly. Is this bug or what?

Completed setting network in Nyu Camp

Yesterday, internet connection in Nyu Camp © has been installed. It has 64kbps bandwidth. I think it’s enough for small or home office, the default setting is only for one PC connected to internet, it’s must be reconfigured for effective connection for sharing.
I decided to build a small network that have one server to connect to internet. So i configured a small server using PIII server. I decided using Windows Server 2003.