Increasing Productivity

When we already busy with works, then it will never end with works. Once the works finished and then another one is coming. Surely this is the things that employees always had. Whatever the business company are you currently working for, except you are the boss of your own company.
Every employees want to have the most optimal productivity to their worklife. Some of them for increasing salary, position, promotion, or etc.
There are some way to increasing our productivity by using internet technology. And most of them are affected to some peoples but also some peoples have no impact to their work life.
So it would be nice if somebody have their own way and share how they increased their work productivity.
Actually the most important thing is define your task for today and have a deadline to do it. It’s one of the way to increase our productivity. But once again, not everyone could or able to do it.


Welcome to April – The 1st day

It was the first day in April, and the time still feel so fast and faster. Seems like February were like yesterday. But the show must go on, it’s April. Today some peoples said it was April Fools day, even here the days just like usual nobody fooled me or did the wicked things in this day.
About work, todays was a good day, even the presentation is delayed, but so far I think it’s still good. The Axioo sometimes annoying, but finally it worked.
I already got the data today, so the hacking is begin.
Today bought a new CD again it’s the third CD I bought between 21 days, it’s Kerli’s’ album Love is Dead the is the First Estonian album I found in my city today. This is a great album, so thanks my friend for recommend me that Album! So I’m so excited. The next thing is waiting the CD order, I made an order to request the most and the biggest hope to own that albums 🙂 The album still on secret, but I hope the can force to get the album in next days!

Learning AJAX

I’m wondering how to make a rich application for my clients, today I’m using generic web application for system that I’ve been developed. I want to make something different for my client, I think this is the best time for me to developing a new system that different than before.
After read some articles I want to combine todays technology on rich application. Today there are so many technologies that offer dynamic rich application i.e Adobe AIR and Flex from Adobe, Silverlight from Microsoft, and etc. But I’m look like not yet migrate into that technologies. The technology currently I’m interested is AJAX (Asynchronous JAva script and Xml). I’ve heard about AJAX two years ago. But I’m not ready yet to using these technology because limited brain (hehe) and doesn’t have a time to learn more on it. But today I wonder it’s best time to implement that technology into my clients. Maybe I will implement it into my next project about System Integration.
I’ve downloaded some article related about programming AJAX and implementation in web technology. I think I can implement it shortly to my project if it acquired.

Prepare for HRMS Project

Start from today, i will doing the HRMS Project from the Yokogawa Company, the project will start on monday 2nd October 2006. This project will be doing by my self as system design, database design, and programmer.
This project is not too easy but not too dificult, the project will contain about time attendance, absentee, tardiness, and Human resource management, Like employess record. The project progress i will report into this blog coz, this is my first project that i want to pos into my blog and want everyone to see and comment it.
So i hope with i write into this blog, other senior analyst can help me to finish this project :). This project will aproximately finished in one week coz this is not a big project, but if this first project get a nice result, i will get the second chance to develop it more.
I hope so.
Good luck boy in this Ramadhan month.

Help Kelurahan for Network Problem

Yesterday, at 6.30 pm we got report from employee of Citizen Department about the vice governor visit at Petamburan Kelurahan. But there are problem about the link network status of Computer in Kelurahan. The official in Kelurahan said that the speed of network is not more than 9.6 Kbps. Just information, the network in Kelurahan is used VPN Dial Up provided by Telkom Indonesia for network link to server.
Then at 7 pm we start act. We prepare go to Petamburan Kelurahan and bring our war tools. At least 7.30 pm we arrive at Kelurahan and start to diagnostic the trouble. From the diagnostic process, it has network link problem between client with the server. At first connecting process we got the speed 14.0 Kbps. It seems to far to get the optimal speed. The optimal speed for network in application should be more than 32 Kbps to get optimal process. If not the process in application will be slower and slower.
After get the problem the we contact the Customer Services of Network Provider.
Coz the Citizen Department are having a Platinum Account on network provider, It must always get the high priority if it has a problem. So i have to pull up the customer services to solve the problem as soon as possible. After i tell to CS Operator about the problem the CS give solution to call the Corporate Customer Services immediately.
After get the of Corporate CS number, first i call that number from my Handphone it sound tu-la-lit. Oopss, i forgot that this number are Free of Charge but should be called from Public Switching Telephone, but one of their product Telkom Flexi can doing that call but customer will charge to make call. I think it should be called by any operator for flexibility services.
I start to make a call at 7.45 pm and the official said it will be report to Multimedia Sub. At least 15 minutes after report time i got call from multimedia access official, they ask for setting in the computer, modem condition, virus attact or etc. But i explain to them that the computer in normal condition no virus detected and modem is in good condition. I also try another modem, i try the internal PCI Modem, but it get same result too. I suggest it must be network problem.
After that small conversation happen, the official is want to ask our internall dial up password. But i cant give that coz it’s only for internal used. I explain to him that the trouble is happen in link between end point to central, not in our internal server. Coz if it happen to our internal server another client cannot connect in same time. Then the official understand and try to fix it.
After 1 am (todays), it have not been solved by network provider. I back to call official and ask to official they will contact the Central Official to check the network condition. After 1 hour the CS said that it dificult to contact the official. After 1.30 am i got answer from the CS that the official will check the cable condition on site. An will doing replacement if needed, but checking process will be do in 6am or 7am.
After get that answer then we go back to home and will be continue if the official come to Kelurahan to do checking process.


At 10.15pm last night i got SMS from Bintang. Bintang said that i'm get gossip about making new identity number for people with age more than 17th. She ask to me this news are right or not.
Then i replay her sms with word "Please clarification the gossip. The gossip come from where. I'm never help kelurahan to create identity number".
I dont know what happen next. Exactly i must find the source of gossip.
Good luck.