My Friend were on Newspaper

Today I got a message from my old school friend. He said that one of our old school friends when we were Junior High School. Reported at national newspaper at province segment about his invention! Wow, he’s so great. Good luck my friend, I hope your invention will be applicable in the future in useful worldwide especially for this nation. 🙂

My old school friend at newspaper 🙂


Downloading Windows 7 Beta

This morning, the download of Windows 7 finally completed! All kind of methods I tried to downloaded this most curious thing in the beginning 2009. Microsoft promises this Windows version is a lot better than previous version of Windows, they said about it will be the best of Windows version. Hehe… seems the tried to improve the next version of Windows. But let customers reviews what the Microsoft’s said.
I tried to download from direct link that Microsoft provided, the download took almost two days with my Internet connection. Previously some methods I’ve been tried, through P2P sharing, torrent, file hosting services, and etc. But I decided to abandoned all previously running downloads to the direct links after Microsoft officially announced the beta.