Still Me Still Busy

It’s been a long time since I didn’t update this blog anymore. Yes, it’s been uncountable times since I type this. But that was terrible me, because I didn’t have much time to spend for typing something that should I typed here because there was so many interesting things happen outside there and some part of it is unforgettable moment or it was my first time experience.
Well, today I was had my mid semester exams for Programming Algorithm and Pancasila subjects. So far I can do that test even it was not perfect, still some of parts missing.
At the Programming Algorithm subject I was seems miss calculated the value of the first section of exams that made my result become negative, when I was testing on friend computer the value of the result is 210 but me had -210 (negative sign). Confusing what’s wrong with it.
Well lets wait for the result, I hope it will get good result… 🙂
After then there are ALOT of work tasks to be finished this week!!!!! Almost of them are getting done, but the final parts is always the hardest parts, but must fight it to the death….
Today I was almost missing my mom birthday 😐 that was terrible, how do I didn’t noticed it? I thought today is still 23th :[ I hope she was disappointed by my mistake.