The Show Must Go On

It’s been in a first quarter in 2012, and this is the first time I write something to my blog again. Wait, let it count, it’s been a year and I didn’t wrote anything!
Well yeah, last year was very tiring work, had to worked on several project simultaneously and had to gone to several cities to do some training and testing, it was
amazing experience. I had some lessons from the past year experience and i think it was improving me to see the future experience that surely must be have in different
situation than the past year.

This year I have to stay on the track to my goal for what I would like to reach. Even tough it’s not so simple and easy but with people support around me and exeperince
and lesson that they giving to me, I’ll try to resist.

This is just a scratch post because I currently testing to post a blog from text-mate. This sunday morning quite cloudy but sky is clear. Hope it won’t be rain today.


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