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Google great services

Today, i found a great tools and services that provided by Google, Inc. The tools that is "Google Translator". It's a great tools coz beside it's translate from any language this tools also can be used as a free proxy for you if your network administrator is blocking for opening other website outside google.
To using these sevices, you only type this address to the address bar of your browser :|de&

Where the "en|de" it's mean "en" is the language source that's in english and "de" is the language (deutch) you want view in. The see in other language you also change the "de" into other language like "sp" to Spanish, "hl" to Germany, "fr" to French, "it" to Italian, "pt" to portuguese, "jp" to Japanese and "kr" to Korean.

The second parameter is "" is the address you want to translate in other language or in your country language. You can fill this parameter to other web sites.

The things that is must develop by Google is the translator to my country language (Indonesian) so i hope this services will serv Indonesian language.
Greats to Google…