Amazing February

Placebo Concert Poster

Placebo Concert Poster

Well the February are almost end, however I just going to write what happen in February was. There were a lot of things happen in this Feb. Some of event that happen in this Feb, I was back home for the new Mom’s home in my hometown. The new location now is not as crowded as in Mom’s old home because the location not in front of crowded road. But if we want to go shopping to the mini market or store we need to use bicycle or motorcycle. But it’s okay 🙂 Unfortunately I wasn’t enjoyed my spent time at home because I was sick when I arrived at home in the next days.
Another big moments that happens in this Feb are, I was attending Placebo’s concert!!! It was freaking amazing concert I ever seen and saw live! I already uploaded all vids I recorded at my youtube channel. I’m still can feel the adrenaline of the concert till today, especially when I watch my own vids or listening their musics 😀
One of big deals is to finished all my tasks this month as I can!!! That’s my primary focused in the moment. Will see….

Currently listening Connie Talbot songs,….


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