EDIROL-UA25 on Linux OpenSUSE

Today finally I configured my EDIROL-UA25 soundcard for used as primary soundcard in my OpenSUSE Linux. Configuration is not difficult enough, because it’s only use built in ALSA driver. Wow, ALSA is really-really great driver, great to you all ALSA developer. Now I can playing song into Amarok or other audio/video software to mapping the sound to my EDIROL sound card.

For mapping sound to my EDIROL-UA25 device I just replace the output sound with


It’s really make me happy to use linux. The second task is now I’m looking to compile Ardour2 to used in my linux system.


Updating Nokia N82 Firmware

After I bought this gadget yesterday, today I decided to update the firmware because there’s new version of firmware. Firstly I’m afraid that updating firmware will destroy my phone if it failed. But I will never know if I’m not try, why not?

Firstly Nokia Software Update check my phone type, and then check if there’s a new updated firmware. After found it will download the firmware. Current version of firmware (11.0.117) have size about 102 MB, it large enough for internet speed internet in my country (Indonesia). It tooks about 20 Minutes to download the firmware file. Below the screenshot while downloading (waiting with fast heart beat).

N82 Update Firmware1

After Nokia Software Updater download the firmware the second process is installing the firmware, the progress is about 15 Minutes. This is the critical process, use notebook with battery or PC with UPS to prevent electricity down. Below the screenshot of installing the firmware.

Nokia Firmware Update 2

Finally my phone updated with new firmware.  Screenshot of my phone later.

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