Meet with old friend (Part 7)

I meet with my old friend when i walk out together with my ganks at that time when i was so young. There are my best friend, they are Budi, Dharma, Eko. When we want to by pangsit noodle. Hehe, i meet with my old friend to, her name is iis. She live at Gempol city.
After buy noodle i accompany him in her home. At her home her parent welcome to me. Than we eat together. The things i see is the place is the same with situation that i ever know. The story stop here coz i wake up…


Dream Catcher Part 6

The point is about robbing, and event and meet with the girl.
The first point, i follow the event that are came in is functionary from Indonesia government the event is shown about culture of indonesia, traditional dance, comedy, and etc. But before i enter the event there are one girl that waiting for me and want me to go with him the face is not really beautiful, i dont know who is she. But when the event started there are so many beautiful girl, i found one that is different than others. She is looking me, and i looking her she is so beautiful, and i like him. But i dont know who is she. The caracteristic of that girl is have a black and long hair, have a nice smile. Clear Skin. Different with the that waiting for me after the event she have’nt clear skin.
After event I walk with him but this is doesnt continued.
The second point, i walk accross the housing, and then I gone accros my friends logging house, i dont know why i enter the home and then i enter his room the initial is AC, i dont know why i’m steal her good and when i want to exit, he come with her girl friend. Oh my god what must I do,
The story stop here…

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Dream Catcher Part 5

Today i dream about developing new application that i called IZCTT, we make a new brand software that will be approximately have market the software can run in full speed on cross platform we develop it, I dream that the software increase the class of indonesian quality of software even today there r so many software developer that being develop their product. Is it spirit?
I got lose in trade, the market position is growing up until the margin that I have is not enough so my open position is automatically closed by self coz I have two open position that have same value that is sell too so if added the margin is not enough, Not bad, it only happening in my dream but maybe this is will becoming signal that i must be carefull in doing something, the wrong way will be make u go bad, so you can think on your own.

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My New Domain now activated

After 2 months of registration at my country registrant now i can used my domain. This domain ( will be used as my main web sites. As soon as posible i will redesign the interface of the web and upload to my local server. Right now i’m not ready to broadcast my personal sites until it’s completed.
Last night i reconfigure this domain and adding mail services, so i have new email account at and it has 2 GB space. Yeah i’m hosting it on google email hosting. Their service are great, they support POP and SMTP protocol.
Now i’m thinking what the contents will be shown at my personal websites, maybe i want to browsing to find resource about website design.

Dream catcher part 4

This morning wake at 8.15 am, and i remember the last dream that i experienced today, I meet the president and we talking live and discuss together. Firstly we talk about resident data, the discussion for this topic is hot and the president say his opinion about it, but i dont know from where this statement out. Is it from my mind or from where? He said that the data have been arranged in national policy and it have section and subsection so it rather dificult to change it.
The second topic is i dont now why the president is ask for investing, he ask for investing for national asset and why not to be used. I say to president that we can help for your investing asset and will give more advantages. And then the president said that he is agree with my opinion.
The dream is tobe continued

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