The Secret Diary

Everyone has their own feelings, everyone has hopes, has expectations, has dreams, and so on. And sometimes this thing is can’t be shared to our friends, colleagues, or even family. Surely everyone does ever facing this problem. For some peoples it’s better for using the secret diaries, the notebook for place where do we write out scratches, emotions, feelings, dream catchers, expectation or etc.
But sometimes its not practice in the current situation today, where we are in busy with our activity, or have loads of activities. But sometimes we still need to do and write on it.
So what we gonna do then, how do we use our Secret Diary today?


One thought on “The Secret Diary

  1. Hi Nawi,

    I found your blog completely by accident, while searching Google about .id domains. Your blog shows up at Number 2 for the search “where is”

    While reading the post that was listed, I saw the ‘archive’ listing, showing that you’ve been writing in this blog for over 4 years. That’s incredible! I read through some of your posts, from earliest to newest, and I was blown away.

    I am a successful businessman in New York. I have worked in the Internet business since it was born, back in the 1990’s. One of the ‘great expectations’ back then was that eventually, the internet would be accessible to almost all corners of the world. Seeing that you got online and started blogging 4 years ago, at your age, was quite awesome to see.

    Anyway, if you’d like to correspond with someone in New York City, feel free to write me at my email address.

    And imagine, your blog, your interests and life in your corner of Indonesia that you write about, is being read and thought about by a NYC businessman!

    Best regards,


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