Watching Premier League in Indonesia (my way)

Today, in Indonesia we can follow the Premier League big match in our country, it happen because the broadcasting is already taken by a Malaysian commercial satelite tv company who already have broadcasting rights in our country for broadcasting Premier League. It’s not happen 2 years ago because the national TV station always broadcast the premier league match even bigmatch.

It makes we as premier league mania in our country felt sad. Many alternative way for the people who wants to follow the match. Some people visiting her friends who already subscribed to satelite tv subscriber, some people going to cafe where it broadcasting premier league into their place.

Yesterday I founded an alternative the way to follow the premier league match even we can see the player action live. But it’s enough for me to follow the realtime match. I want to write about the way how to watch the bigmatch if it not broadcasting to our national tv station.

First we open Premier League websites, there is so much information about premier league. Select “Matchday Menu” and then select “Live Score Centre“. There will be a window pop up that display. The window pop-up is like below.

In the pop-up window we can see the list of match that are currently playing (if you open the window while match is playing). Last night I want to follow the match between Manchester United vs Blackburn, i want to follow this match because MU is my favourite team at premier league, because I’m not subscriber I need alternative way how to follow this match.

I hope it will be become an alternative way for we Indonesian premier league mania to follow other match if it not being broadcasted in television.


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