Music Experiments

Several days ago I’ve wondered to make some experiments about music, I want to exploring about musical style which is describe about song’s I want to learn. I’ve listen so many music around the world and every listening a music from an artist/a band, there’s still imagination to make a song. I know this is crazy things, cause I’m never writing a song or even a lyrics, I’m an amateur in musical things, but I dont know why every listening some music’s there’s sounds in my head that become different from original song, just the style is alike but the tone is I’ve made myself.

The problem is I can’t visualize it into a things that I can playback for later, even sometime that sound came again into my head. Is this musical mind or because I wondering how the artist made that song, I don’t know. But I always attending about musical style of the song performer. I can’t read and write a tablature, I only understand about the tones and chords. But I think that’s not a problem, but I must learn it now or later. The others problem is preparing to play music, time for sleep is  more longer than other activity, Thats a problem too. The second problem is the place for play. I dificult to find a place that’s enjoyable to playing with the music.

The last problem (temporary) is I doesn’t have a musical instrument 🙂 How you could do that without it? It’s why I want to buy a musical intrument. The first musical I want to buy is Guitars, this is the musical instrument I can play most. I want to buy a classical guitars, so I can transpose into it. Even there’s a piano in my home, I want to buy a guitar. When and can I buy that guitar?


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