Learning AJAX

I’m wondering how to make a rich application for my clients, today I’m using generic web application for system that I’ve been developed. I want to make something different for my client, I think this is the best time for me to developing a new system that different than before.
After read some articles I want to combine todays technology on rich application. Today there are so many technologies that offer dynamic rich application i.e Adobe AIR and Flex from Adobe, Silverlight from Microsoft, and etc. But I’m look like not yet migrate into that technologies. The technology currently I’m interested is AJAX (Asynchronous JAva script and Xml). I’ve heard about AJAX two years ago. But I’m not ready yet to using these technology because limited brain (hehe) and doesn’t have a time to learn more on it. But today I wonder it’s best time to implement that technology into my clients. Maybe I will implement it into my next project about System Integration.
I’ve downloaded some article related about programming AJAX and implementation in web technology. I think I can implement it shortly to my project if it acquired.


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