Ubuntu CD Received today

Today I received ubuntu cd package. This package is sent by canonical for free. Yeah it’s free. I requested in 2 weeks ago or several days after its launch officially.

I’m not order many packages CD like before cause I just want to use it personally and I want to testing to my computer. This is the package what I’ve order :

  1. 1 Ubuntu Desktop 7.10 x86
  2. 1 Ubuntu Desktop 7.10 64bit
  3. 1 Kubuntu Desktop 7.10 x86
  4. 1 Kubuntu Desktop 7.10 64bit
  5. 1 Edubuntu x86

I want to install edubuntu to my computer at my mom home, I want to install it for my nephew cause he really want to learn computer. But I can’t  do that at now because there is still some problem with my computer at my moms home. I’ll fix in soon as I going home to take some holidays.

Everybody want to order ubuntu CD for free can use these link for ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu.


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