It’s hard to manage your own money

Yeah maybe it’s the question for you if you are a single person, especially when you’re boy or man that live independent. It happen to me now, I’m the type a man that are really hard to manage their own money. I really hard to control the money I spend in a month. Which one should pay first, and which are more important and so which are part that is saving. Its really hard to managed it.
I have tried for two years ago, i try to wrote a small notes that is all my spending everyday, including lunch and dinner, phone credit, and etc. It’s give more effect that force I to spare from my budget to be saved into the saving account. But it’s doesn’t work for a long time. Since I busy with my job, I seldom to wrote into my spending notes. So the report is not really complete, and I still cannot trace where my money goes.
I’m also have tried a money management software like Microsoft™ Money© but it also cannot work for a long time. I’m really want that I can manage my money myself, wherever the problem i should can manage my own money.


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