Forgot the starter key

One week ago (March 21th) when I’m going to Government Palace at Medan Merdeka Street (Near National Monument). I parked my motorcycle at parking area. Coz I late to come to office, I’m hurry to go to the building.

After done I’m going to parking area and want to start my motorcycle, I couldn’t find my starter key. As I remember, I’ve put it into my pocket and it’s safe. But I check on all my pocket. I still couldn’t find it. I’m nervous about it.

I’m nervous because It’s not my own motorcycle, I lend it from my friend. “Oh my god what should I do now? ” I said. But after take a glass of water and think again. I try to find it to all my pocket and bag. But, I still couldn’t find it.

Finally after 5  minutes from I’m searching the key. The official of parking area meet me and ask “Are u looking for a key?”, I said “Yes”. Then he said “Is it your key?”. When I see it I say “Oh My God, how this could be happen?”. He said “You leave your key at your motorcycle seat.”. Goddamned, It’s a fatal problem that I’ve doing.

I said very thanks to him and I give him some money for it. I’ll never forget this fatal deed.


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