The importance of writing

A week ago I talked with a man, i think he is a successful man even the definition of success is maybe different in each of people. I remember since he talk about writing, why the foreign people (outside Indonesia) can be known by other people in the world and can get a market. One of the reason of that why other people can do that is because other people can “write”, that’s a thing I hard to do till now. I became conscious about the importance of writing.
If a people can write and understanding by other people, maybe that written things became can be discussed and seen by everyone that see it. i.e if we have a concept and we want it to become a business thing, the first thing must do is write it so that concept is comprehensible by people. If we want to design a system but it still in your mind, it’s better applying to several word and write it, maybe in your notes, your phone, on your notebook.
I hope I can change better than before, i hope so.


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