Will go home next week

Finally, next week, aproximately on Oct 18th I will go home to my parent house at Gempol, Pasuruan. I’ve booked a ticket for go and back, I will go by air plane. I’ve book ticket at AirAsia ticket reservation. I pay by credit card cos I taken a economic class.

Usually during Idul Fitr the price of ticket is increase more than 100%. I dont know why coz there are so many travel agent that serve flight increasing the price from 60% and up. I got luck coz i got economic seat program that serve by Air Asia, so i got more cheap price. If the travel budget is being totaled the budget is same if i go home by train. So going by plane is better than going by train. It have less time, but i will go in last flight in that day, aproximately at 22.30,  but it;s ok

I still dont know what I want to do next if i go home. It seem i must scheduled what the job must I do at home. Must I go with my friend, or girl friend or with other.



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