Dream Catcher Part 6

The point is about robbing, and event and meet with the girl.
The first point, i follow the event that are came in is functionary from Indonesia government the event is shown about culture of indonesia, traditional dance, comedy, and etc. But before i enter the event there are one girl that waiting for me and want me to go with him the face is not really beautiful, i dont know who is she. But when the event started there are so many beautiful girl, i found one that is different than others. She is looking me, and i looking her she is so beautiful, and i like him. But i dont know who is she. The caracteristic of that girl is have a black and long hair, have a nice smile. Clear Skin. Different with the that waiting for me after the event she have’nt clear skin.
After event I walk with him but this is doesnt continued.
The second point, i walk accross the housing, and then I gone accros my friends logging house, i dont know why i enter the home and then i enter his room the initial is AC, i dont know why i’m steal her good and when i want to exit, he come with her girl friend. Oh my god what must I do,
The story stop here…

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