My Own Motorcycle

Start as today, the motorcycle that i used everyday now becoming mine. Today i want to take the legal document of motorcycle so my motorcycle document complete. If i see the ads at newspaper or television the price of motorcycle still 9 milion rupiah for new, and approximately 6 to 7 milion rupiahs for second hand.
But i’m not sure i want to sell it coz this is my asset and my operational transportation. But i want to do more with that money if i want to sell it, i want to enter the investing management that can be profit taking beside not growing asset like now.
But if i’m sell it to mobile everywhere becoming more dificult than usual. To find something, walkout, or hanging out. But i will  thinking it more…

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2 thoughts on “My Own Motorcycle

  1. Something to keep in mind. Your motorcycle will continue to loose vallue, and as such is not really an investment. Transport is only consumables. They break, the get stolen, the get old and loose vallue.
    But besides all of that….
    My vote is Keep the bike. Ride!

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