How make the good system information application

Tthere are so many vendor, consultant, software house and other IT company that provide IT Solution. But all company still do in same or general project that they got such as web designing, programming, or etc. But all application that they make especially in my country doesnt have unique things. If i see the application that make by the vendor or IT Consultant, the application seems doesnt have a plus value. Most of them doesnt running well in a long time or must be maintenance everyday or every week for stable running.
Maybe i want to resume what the good application should is, at least a good information system should :
–  Running well in all network condition ex: Dial Up, Wireless, VSAT
–  Portable for future development
–  Running in any platform
–  Have a usable interface so all beginner people easy to learn the system
–  Always improve the system until running well
–  Can run even on previous computer generation at least PII or G4 Processor or with minimum memory
–  Doesnt cosume high memory. Even today memory price are drop
–  Have a fast response even in dial up condition
–  Have portable view like web base but must have a security like IDE based application
It’s article i made with my work experience until today but maybe i will improve it. If anyone can add or correct the article that i made. I’m so pleasure.


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