From Gambir Station to Depok City

This morning i fetching my best friend. He arrives from Surabaya in order to visit his family at Depok City. I wake up at 5 am then take a bath and ride my tire horse. I arrive at gambir station at 5.30 am but the train hasn’t arrive. When i asking to the gambir station official, he said the train will arrive at 6 am.
At 6.15 am the train arrive and my friend come out from the train.
After that we take a breakfast outside station then we start the journey. The route that i use is from Medan Merdeka Timur then we meet “Tugu Tani” the we turnover the we go to Menteng, after Menteng we through Manggarai and We take along Dr. Saharjo Road until we found Pasar Minggu then we Take a long this road until we meet sign Margonda Raya, Turn Here. The Journey take the time aproximately 45 minutes.
After arrives i break 30 minutes then i back home. Nice journey…


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