Long travelling

Right now i want to tell story about my long travelling from Jakarta to Pekalongan. In order to meet important people such as relation we must do anything to make relation and links with other people. The travelling start at 7 am from Pamulang, Tangerang.
We take Mr Eko at his home at Pamulang too and the we go together. First we transit at Bekasi to repair the car coz there are small problem at car that we used for travel, the trouble is at transmision and we replace the water of carburator. After that we continue the travelling and we stop at 1pm to lunch. At that place we eat sea food that is bawal fish.
After have lunch we continue the travelling and stop at 5 pm at gas station Muri in tegal city. This gas station has a unique things if we transit at that place there are 67 toilets that are cleans and higiens.This motto of gas stations, so there are prayer room and small cafe that served javanese food. We break about 15 minutes than we continue and we arrive at Pekalong at 6.30 and we check in at Nirwana Hotel, one the best hotel in Pekalongan City.
This story is to be continued…


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