Follow World Cup Match Without Television

Television, is a must have goods in everyday. But maybe we don't have television but have an Personal Computer with internet connected. Like me, in worldcup season sometimes i don't see the match live on tv but i view it while i'm working. This tips i used in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To do this i used my internet connection and use my handphone to do this. To follow the match live i open the FIFA official websites then i choose matchcast live link. The you will bring a new window that contain matchcast application. Wait while loading then you will view small dashboard that contain information during match.

In MatchCast you can see line up, team information, comentaries, and etc. Even not really real time the information that delivered is enough to follow the live match.

Second, i turn on my radio using my N-Gage mobile phone. Then i tune it to my national radio channel called RRI (Indonesian Republic Radio), i switch it to 88.8 MHz (Maybe different in every city) then a commentator will talk the event that happen during match.In your city maybe there are radio station that serve worldcup match live on radio. Tune and find it 😀

So during match i see the statistics on MatchCast but during realtime event i listen to radio.

Maybe this tip can be used for you if you want to follow the match without tv in your area.


Matchcast Dashboard


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