Dream Catcher Part 1


I dont know what it's mean, but i don't mean it but it still mystery where is it from, for what. So i decide to make this sub category and describe everythings that i thought.

It's have three days that i always get bad dreams, it's about disaster i see big water and it's fill all the part of my city and i sit at the car and i explore it. Even it has disaster i still want to exploring the roadmap until till home.

Then when i walk out home at my logging house i sit near telephone tower and just get a call is it from Mr. hasan, he told me when we will come to meet. I just said i' waiting  Mr. Adrianus, i said when Mr. Adrianus come we will go together. But when i walk to logging house i try a line telephone in outdoor panel but it's unusable i hear a Telkom Customer Service in earphone. I force to try but it same, then finally i try the last phone that's my office. I try to dial n it still same but i try n try again then it's connected to my house at Pasuruan. When it's connected my brother said that call again next time coz my another or whom are praying.

It's the thoughts that i have catch, i dont know what is it mean are it's my sleeping flower cause thirsty or i dont know… 


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